3M Security and Safety Solutions

For commercial & residential building owners and property managers to protect people and property

3M Security and Safety Solutions

3M Security and Safety Window Films have been used by thousands of building owners and property managers to protect people and property. When you require industry-leading solutions for forced entry and vandalism, bomb blast mitigation, accidental glass breakage, sun control, or a combination of solutions, you can place your trust in the protection 3M Window Films provide.

3M Window Security Laminate

What companies need to know about the advantages of window film for property security...

The use of window safety and security laminate is increasing as security managers understand how effective it can be against forced entry and blast mitigation. There are a number of important factors in selecting the right solution for your specific requirements.

  • Protection Against Forced Entry
  • Bomb Blasts and Blast Mitigation Protection
  • 3M Impact Protection Attachment System
  • Bullet Resistant Glazing

What is the difference in options for security window films?

3M invented window laminate and is the only manufacturer that makes the entire product, including polyester, adhesives, and UV inhibitors. Additionally, 3M is the only manufacturer that offers both the basic polyester and ‘micro-layer’ technologies. While all other major manufacturers offer commercial product warranties up to 10 years, the 3M window film warranty goes the extra step of also covering labour for both removal and replacement of laminate for the full ten years should there be any problems with the installation. There are many variables that define a ‘quality’ installation including laminate selection, trimming, and frame bonding. 3M offers a network of highly trained Certified Dealer/Applicators to ensure that installations consistently meet the highest standards across Canada.

Laminate Construction

There are two primary variables related to laminate construction – overall thickness and number of layers. Typically, the thicker the laminate, the higher the break strength, and the more layers in the laminate, the higher the tear strength. Standard polyester laminates range in thickness from 4mil to 21mil and from 1 to 4 layers. The newer technology laminates, such as the patented 3M Ultra Series, have either 28 or 42 micro layers which offer at least 7 times the tear resistance of the equivalent thickness of the basic polyester laminates. To minimize degradation of this protection over time, all safety and security laminates are also protected by a UV inhibitor as well as an abrasion resistant coating to resist scratching. For customers who would like to also reduce the solar heat or glare, Security/Solar Combination films are also available.

3M Window Safety Laminate

What companies need to know about the advantages of window film for safety and protection...

Today, protecting your business and property is more important than ever, and 3M has a line of window films tailored to these concerns. 3M Ultra Safety & Security Film is a new dimension of affordable, effective safety and security window laminates to help reduce your chance of loss and add to your peace of mind. This upgrade will provide a tough and durable protective shield when professionally installed to the inside of your windows.

  • Security Against Crime
  • Protection from Severe Weather
  • Safety Against Injury
  • Improve Comfort and Reduce Fading

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