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10 Great Examples of Decorative Office Privacy Film

Check out these creative ways to apply privacy film to your office, commercial, retail, and home space!

10 Great Examples of Decorative Office Privacy Film

Decorative Privacy Film

Sometimes a solid block of 3M Dusted Crystal privacy film is all you need to do the job. However, with a little creativity and understanding what's possible, we can help spruce up your space at the same time as providing a functional solution for privacy film. There are many different options available to create the perfect solution for your needs. Our in-house experts will help determine the best materials and method to achieve your desired result. 

Privacy Film Materials & Methods

  • 3M Fasara - Over 100 unique designs, patterns, and textures are available to choose from allowing you to capture the look of custom etched or sandblasted glass. Each category has many options - gradations, dots, stripes, fabric, and geometric patterns all with varying levels of opacity to achieve the optimal privacy and light transmission levels.
  • 3M Dusted & Frosted Crystal - Can be applied right from the roll onto the glass or cut a custom pattern to tie in with your existing decor.
  • Print on Optically Clear Film - Add a pop of colour to your space by printing a pattern on clear or frosted film. 

The possibilities are endless with existing 3M Fasara patterns or printing and cutting your own creative designs.

Translucent Fish Graphic

ABOVE: Let's face it, you don't want to feel alone in the office fishbowl so how about this vibrant fish graphic printed on optically clear film!

BELOW: Basic geometric pattern cut for the end walls and a really cool 'Birch Tree' pattern for the side wall.

Laser Cut Vinyl Window Frosting In Boardroom Laser Cut Vinyl Boardroom Film

BELOW: Enjoy your favourite Argyle Sweater pattern at the office every day! Great use of colour and pattern to provide interest, privacy, and allow natural light into these internal offices. 

Argyle Pattern Window Film Copy

Where Can I Use Privacy Film?

Apply privacy film to nearly any glass surface. As your needs changed, these decorative films can easily be removed and replaced. 

  • Entry Ways
  • Doors
  • Windows
  • Staircases
  • Cubicle Partitions
  • Corridors
  • Exterior Balcony Glass

BELOW: Great use of custom printed film to display your brand colours and add some sizzle to your space.

Green Pattern Window Film Applied On Glass Green Window Film
Blue Translucent Privacy Film

Express Your Brand 

Your employees and customers can live and breathe the company brand every day throughout your space. Your core values, brand colours, and identity can easily be integrated into a decorative privacy film installation. Whether it's a custom cut logo on your entry door or subtle images of what your business is all about, we will help create impact.

BELOW: Custom cut and printed map of company locations and core values provides separation between the public elevator area and staff kitchen.

Kitchen Doors Privacy Film With Printed Map 2
Custom Printed Frost Film Door Panel 2 Custom Printed Privacy Film Map

ABOVE: Custom printed and cut topographic maps used for office and meeting room privacy.

BELOW: A printed wood grain pattern gives the appearance of texture and provides an extremely cost effective alternative to custom-made glass for this partition between washroom entrances and dining room.

Bamboo Style Glass Film

Privacy Film for Your Home Office

Chances are you've spent a lot of time working at home in 2020 and 2021! Whether you have a defined office space or not, adding a some frosted film can help separate work and home life while updating the decor in your home. 

BELOW: We took the inspiration for this Home Office from the pattern on the credenza in the foreground to create the custom designed and cut pattern you see on the office doors.

Custom Cut Home Office Privacy Film With Hutch
Custom Cut Home Office Privacy Film Custom Cut Home Office Privacy Film Light On

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