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Converting analog to digital for preservation & disaster recovery.

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If you have any questions regarding Document Scanning Services please contact us. We would love to help you with your needs. Converting paper documents into electronic formats makes files easier to find and share while reducing space and allowing for more flexible security. Electronic document storage can help streamline your operations and save money on storage as well as have stored files in case of any disaster that would cause loss of hard copy documents. We manage conversion by quickly scanning your file boxes or rolled documents. We also have large format scanning available for maps, blue prints, and other large documents. Then we’ll work with you to efficiently catalog your digital content for long-term preservation that complies with FOIP, HIPAA, CGSB, ISO, IMT, AIIM and PIPEDA standards.

Transforming Paper to Digital

Document Indexing

Indexing and Metadata Creation

Document Conversion

Document Conversion

Large Format Scanning

Large Format Scanning

Small Format Printing

Small Format Document Imaging

Ocr Scanning Services

OCR Scanning

Microfiche Conversion

Microfiche Conversion

Scanning And Archiving

Efficient Document Management

Converting paper documents to electronic formats simplifies file access and sharing, while also reducing physical storage needs. Embrace the convenience of digital document storage to streamline your operations, save on physical storage costs, and secure your files against disasters.

Large Format Scanning

Comprehensive Scanning Capabilities

Our services include rapid scanning of file boxes, rolled documents, and large formats like maps and blueprints. We ensure that your digital content is meticulously catalogued for long-term preservation, adhering to FOIP, HIPAA, CGSB, ISO, IMT, AIIM, and PIPEDA standards.

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Elevate Your Document Accessibility and Security

With Carbon Graphics Group, transition your vital documents into digital assets that enhance your workflow, ensure security, and comply with global standards. Let us be your partner in digital transformation.

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Your Trusted Imaging Partner

At Carbon Graphics Group, our expert team has handled Records Management projects for governments and Fortune 500 companies. We excel in identifying chain of custody, classification, retention, disposition, spatial and other intelligent digital information management standards. We use the latest digital scanning equipment and software from Canon, Xerox, Fujitsu, Ricoh, and OCE. We also offer a complete range of ancillary services, including labeling, metadata generation for indexing, optical character recognition (OCR) and digital document format conversion.

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