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Construction site hoarding and signage to communicate your message and keep your job site secure

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Communicate your message and keep your job site secure


Every construction site is unique. When it comes to the construction site and hoarding signage, the same is true. We love this because every project that requires a custom signage job challenges our knowledge and creativity to provide customers with the best solution for their particular project. No cookie cutters here.

Carbon Graphics will work closely with your marketing and design team on the front end to ensure your vision is practical, cost-effective, and doable in reality. Sometimes making a slight design change of 3 inches on a 10-foot sign can save thousands of dollars. We will always give you the best advice on material options in order to work within your budget and ensure the construction signage will look great and last for the life of your project. We coordinate directly with your on-site construction team to pass site safety orientation and develop an installation plan that works within the overall construction schedule.

What is the purpose of construction hoarding?

Construction hoarding generally consists of the perimeter fence and covered walkways around a construction site. Depending on the location and scale of the project, they can be built with scaffolding, metal containers, or temporary fencing. The hoarding serves various purposes:





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Construction Signage Material Options

Fence Banners & Wraps

It is common to print and attach mesh banners to the fence for construction sites with temporary fencing. The mesh is lightweight and allows the wind to pass through. We can also print on vinyl banner material on fencing that is secured into the ground. This will eliminate any vibrancy issues you may encounter when using mesh. Banners are made to withstand heavy winds with stitched hems, grommets, and wind slits. 

Rigid Substrates

Typically we use aluminum composite panel (ACP or Alupanel). We can print directly to a 4'x8' or 5'x10' sheet. These are lightweight but sturdy panels that will not rot or rust. Made with a solid rubber core sandwiched between aluminum on both faces, Alupanel will withstand extreme weather and easily still look great at the end of your construction project.

A Combination of Materials

In many cases, we use a combination of materials to create the most impact for your site regarding advertising or communicating your message. Spruce up your construction site signage using dimensional letters, adhesive vinyl, alupanel, crezon, vinyl and Mesh Banners. 

Large Format Install

3M Certified Installers

We are certified installers of 3M Di-Noc, wraps, and large scale signs and banners

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