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Custom Wall Decals & Graphics - Here's What You Need to Know

Make your walls into an inexpensive billboard in your retail store, a motivational message in the lunchroom, or a work of art in the lobby.

Custom Wall Decals & Graphics - Here's What You Need to Know

What is a Wall Decal?

First things first - what is a wall decal?

A wall decal is a removable vinyl sticker that is adhered to a wall, glass, or any other smooth surface. A quality wall decal also referred to as a wall sticker, wall graphic, or wall tattoo, will be made of PVC vinyl (polyvinyl chloride) or perforated vinyl.

Custom wall decals are one of the best ways to make your company stand out from the competition aesthetically. Not only are wall decals an easy way to periodically change up your space, but your customers (not to mention your employees!) will appreciate the unique atmosphere that custom wall decals bring. Keep reading to discover how custom decals and graphics can benefit your business! 

Energy Safety Canada Wall Mural

What are the Benefits of Custom Wall Decals?

Let’s look at the many benefits of choosing custom wall decals for your business or office space, from inspiring employees to keeping things clean!

Easy and Low Maintenance

Wall decals are much easier to install and maintain than fancy wallpapers or expensive paint. 

These wall decals will stay stylish and fresh-looking for years to come, as you just need to wipe them down with water or an all-purpose spray to keep them sparkly clean. And having them installed by our professional installers is a breeze.

Boosts Brand Image

A distinct brand image is vital to a successful business. Having your brand’s logo or company colours prominently displayed in your store or office helps people recognize your business, building brand awareness, and familiarity. 

We have powerful emotional associations with colours and images we recognize, so you can foster positive emotions around your company’s image using fun custom wall decals!

Inspires and Motivates

Want to put custom vinyl in your office to inspire your team and motivate employees? Foster a positive and friendly work environment by adding inspirational quotes or images to the wall. 

Surrounding your team with company colours, logos, and ideas can create camaraderie and a team atmosphere. Businesses are more successful when everyone works toward a common goal in a positive workspace. 

After all, staring at a plain white wall for eight hours a day is far less inspiring than an inviting personalized wall decal or motivational quote!

Stands Out

Most office buildings are drab, and many retail stores are predictably plain. But when you add fun custom wall decals to your space, you make your business stand out against the competition. 

An aesthetically pleasing, visual environment is desired by most shoppers. So whether you run a restaurant, real estate business, or small gift store, having eye-catching custom wall decals will make your business more memorable and enjoyable for customers. 


Wall decals can look however you want them to. Whether you’re looking for a clean and professional aesthetic or a playful and energetic vibe, you have complete control over the wall decals’ appearance. 

When you order custom vinyl from companies like Carbon Graphics Group, our professional team will help you design the perfect wall decal to achieve your vision. No job is too big or too small to make it personal. 

Endless Possibilities!

Customized wall decals can be practically anything you imagine. Put a giant cup of coffee in your employee break room or create an artistic and flashy display on your retail store’s wall. 

Custom vinyl opens up a world of possibilities so that you can curate a positive and enjoyable space for you, employees, and customers. When decorating with paint or wallpaper, the choices can be limited, but step out of the box and get creative with custom wall decals!

Decals Beyond Just Walls 

Wall decals are one of the most popular custom decals for businesses, but you can do more than just decorate your wall with the right signage company. 

Carbon Graphics Group can also put stylish decals and your company logo on other objects, not just your walls. Consider what kind of decals make the most sense for your space and business, and let the team at CGG help you execute your vision!


Do you have a fleet of vehicles for your business? Why not use them as free advertising? You can wrap your cars in custom decals, so everyone you drive by gets a taste of your brand! 

Wrapped vehicles are an excellent way to spread brand awareness and get people talking about your business. 


You’ve heard of wall decals, but floor decals? Sidewalk decals? Carpet decals? It’s all possible! When people look up, they’re often bombarded with billboards, moving ads, and other signage that may distract from your custom decals. 

A neat trick is to put your signage on the floor! People find it fun and unique when they read signage below their feet. Direct people in your store to different shopping sections using floor or sidewalk decals to draw people to your storefront!

20210827 073845 Gordie Howe Tournament Floor Graphics
Sales Centre Window Vinyl


Along with walls, you can also order custom wall stickers and clings for your windows. 

Not only is this a perfect space for decals that represent your brand, but they can also increase the privacy and security of your storefront to a degree. And you can easily entice people walking by who like window shopping!


Beyond the walls, the floor, the windows, and your car, there are still more possibilities for decals and graphics! 

Popular decal opportunities include adding graphics to canopy tents or table cloths to grab people’s attention at festivals and other events. 

Tents and tablecloths with graphics can make you stand out at a farmer’s market when surrounded by competitors. 

These products are also helpful to place outside a storefront to draw people in or set up a booth in a different area so you can reach more customers and draw in new clients. 

Who Can Benefit From Custom Wall Decals?

Every business and property can benefit from custom vinyl wall decals that make them more exciting and friendly. A custom wall decal can enhance your space if you have one of these properties or businesses:

  • Offices
  • Retail stores
  • Restaurants
  • Gyms
  • Events
  • Trade shows
  • Exhibits 

Custom Wall Decal Ideas

If you want custom wall decals but aren’t sure how to use them, below is a list of custom wall decal ideas to help inspire you:

  • Custom printed canopy tents
  • Printed table throws
  • Seasonal display changes
  • Point of Purchase (POP) displays
  • Meeting room and office name plates
  • Reception signs
  • Elevator graphics
  • Your brand name and logo
  • Inspirational quotes
  • Motivational images
  • Promotional signs
  • Welcome signs
  • Funny designs
  • Company motto/mantra

Should I Invest in Custom Wall Decals?

There’s a place for custom wall decals in every business and office space. Drab walls and boring stores make work less fun for employees and shopping less enjoyable for customers. 

Spice things up with fabulous custom wall decals that will make your business stand out!

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