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Printing on Cork, Wood, Aluminum - We Let it All Hang Out on This One!

We bare all in this post!

Printing on Cork, Wood, Aluminum - We Let it All Hang Out on This One!

After constructing the fence, we printed and installed the alupanel sections so advertising could begin prior to opening the Nude Condo Presentation Centre.

Not a surprise - the exterior window graphics were minimal but we had to wait for the weather to cooperate for a warm enough day to install the graphics (usually around 10 celsius is desired).

Battistella Nude Condo Sales Center Fence Construciton Nude Condo Fence Graphics
Battistella Nude Condo Fence Graphics Sales Centre Window Vinyl

For the interior display, floor plans were printed directly onto Baltic Birch wood on a flatbed printer and then shape cut on our router table. 

Nude Condo Floor Plans Printed On Wood Before Cutting Nude Condo Floor Plans Printed On Baltic Birch Wood

The pieces were arranged to show the whole floor plate and installed individually on the wall using french cleats. This enabled the sales people to easily remove pieces from the wall to discuss and engage with interested buyers.

Custom Cut Wood Shapes

Another unique challenge was printing on cork. Just sourcing cork in large enough pieces from our regular suppliers was tough. Turns out you can get 4 foot rolls at Home Depot - but online only! 

The Nude Condo sales process was designed to have all unit numbers laser engraved on 2" squares (using the left over Baltic Birch, of course). The squares were pinned onto the sales cork board (yes, we glued those little tacks on the back one by one). When a unit is sold, the buyer takes the square and pins it on the world map wherever they want to travel (because they won't be tied to a big mortgage!).

For the map and sales board, we printed white ink directly to cork. (Note to self - cork is very porous and takes a lot of ink to get the desired coverage). 

Nude Condo Interior Wall Graphic Layout Plan Sales Board Printed On Cork With White Ink
Nude Condo Interior Wall Graphic Installation
Laser Engraved Unit Numbers On Wood Squares With Tacks White Ink Printed On Cork Close Up

Project Scope:

  • Cut Vinyl on windows
  • Printing direct to baltic birch wood
  • Printing direct to cork
  • Printed vinyl on walls
  • Laser engraved suite number squares for the sales board
  • Printing direct to aluminum composite panel (alupanel) for exterior fence
  • Custom contour shape cut floor plans
  • Sandwich boards
  • Constructed fence 
  • Installed cut vinyl on windows, printed vinyl on walls, custom shape cut floor plan on wall with french cleats

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