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Reduce Heat in Classrooms to Increase Comfort and Facilitate Learning

Many days of sunshine in Alberta can heat up your building - here's how one school division keeps occupants comfortable in the classroom.

Reduce Heat in Classrooms to Increase Comfort and Facilitate Learning

Reducing Heat in the Classroom With Window Film

The only time students should be sweating in school is during physical education class or when their homework is not complete and the teacher is about to call on them! Researchers have found a direct link between overly hot classrooms and poor academic performance. Keeping schools comfortable helps students and teachers be at their best. One school division in Northern Alberta looked to Carbon Graphics for the solution to their heat issues.

With a lot of windows in direct sunlight for many hours each day, certain schools in the division were getting too warm, making it uncomfortable for students and teachers in addition to putting more demand on the cooling system. The primary goal was to reduce heat gain in the buildings in order to increase the comfort of students, teachers, and staff. 

After evaluating the various glass types and each school's particular challenges, Carbon Graphics recommended 3M Prestige 20X Sun Control Film. This film comes from the 3M Prestige Exterior series, providing a combination of performance, aesthetics, and durability. The Prestige line is designed to perform best when the sun is high, during the hottest parts of the day. When the sun is most intense, Prestige Series Window Films are rejecting the most heat.

Along with achieving the main goal of reducing heat for occupant comfort, the added benefits of reduced cooling costs and greatly reduced furniture fading, extending the life of the furnishings are being realized.

Proper 3M Window Film Installation

The correct method of installing sun control film is critical in order to result in a high quality product doing the job it was designed for. Poor installation can result in product failure - always be sure to use a 3M certified window film installer from an authorized 3M Window Film Dealer/Applicator. Watch the short time-lapse video above and see how Carbon Graphics' Installation Technician applies the 3M Prestige Sun Control Film using the following steps. 

Steps to ensure a high quality window film installation: 

  1. Clean each window thoroughly. 
  2. Spray the window with clean water.
  3. Apply the film, squeegee the top to hold in place.
  4. Trim film to fit the window.
  5. Continue with the squeegee, going top-down and centre-out.
  6. Ensure all water has been removed from behind the film.

3M Window Film Warranty - The Best in the Business

Selecting 3M Window Films gives you peace of mind. Should your window film need replacing, 3M has one of the most comprehensive warranties you can get.

All commercial 3M window film products are backed by an industry-leading up to 15 year warranty. Always use a 3M trained and certified installer like Carbon Graphics to ensure you have a valid warranty.

3 M Exterior Sun Control Film Prestige 20X Ecole Racette Jr High

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