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Signage Printing for Your Business - Everything You Need to Know

Learn how effective and affordable signage printing can be as well as the many options available to make your business stand out!

Signage Printing for Your Business - Everything You Need to Know

Signage printing is one of the best choices to include in your marketing strategy. Signs are a simple but effective form of advertising that is cost-effective and exciting.

Keep reading to learn more about why signage printing for your business could be one of the best marketing decisions you ever made (and find out all about the awesome ways you can do it!).

Reasons Your Business Needs Signs

You have a stunning website and beautiful storefront, so why do you need business signs? Printed signage for businesses can do wonders for your success, drawing in new customers, creating brand awareness, and helping you communicate with your target audience. 

If you’re not convinced that signage printing is an essential aspect of business advertising, read the top reasons why your business needs signs!


The number one thing signs can do for your business is increase communication. Are you having a sale? Do you have new merchandise coming soon? Are you offering a unique service? Keep your customers informed by using beautiful and eye-catching business signs. 

Custom sign printing allows you to communicate with current and potential customers without requiring them to do anything, including visiting your website or opening an email. 

Brand Identity

The business owner often focuses on the products and services they provide, which is essential. But people shop with their eyes first and foremost, so creating a solid brand identity leads to success. 

Excellent brands have specific colours, fonts, and aesthetics they stick to, helping people recognize the brand from a distance and evoke particular emotions.

Brand Awareness

Brand identity and brand awareness are slightly different. Brand identity creates a specific aesthetic and feeling surrounding all signage for your business. Brand identity creates a familiar and distinct look for your business to catch people’s attention. 

But seeing a pretty sign once isn’t enough. This is where brand awareness comes in. The more people know the name of your business or images associated with it (like your logo), the more likely they will visit your store or site.

Reach Customers

Keeping loyal customers interested is part of brand awareness and communication, but posting business signage in new places can reach new customers! If your business is on one side of town, it may not be as visible to those on the other side of town. 

Placing signs off-site in various areas can help draw new customers to your store or website who may not otherwise have known about it.

And using tech-forward, creative signage, like those with promotions or QR codes, entices new people to interact with your business, leading to a batch of new customers.


Using a printing service is one of the most cost-effective and practical marketing strategies. Marketing strategies range from TV advertisements to free t-shirts to coupons and beyond. 

Some strategies can be costly, while others are more affordable, and signage printing is one of the more affordable but effective choices for small and large businesses. 

Signage companies like Carbon Graphics Group help you design affordable and exciting business signs to help you draw in new customers, keep your customers loyal, and promote your brand, all for a reasonable price.

Carbon Graphics Brushed Aluminum Head Office Sign Exterior Condo Signage

Types of Signage

Many businesses can benefit from high-quality sign printing. However, not all companies have the same marketing needs, so it’s not a one-size-fits-all situation.

Luckily, you have some options to choose from! Whether you’re in the home building industry, manage job sites, or want to add some pizzazz to your office, you can find the right kind of professional signage with Carbon Graphics Group.

Sign, Banner, and Flag Printing  

One of the most popular industries for massive signage printing is the homebuilding industry. Today, loads of apartment complexes and homes are built quickly and must be filled with happy people as soon as possible. This is where print services come in to save the day.

For an eye-catching and fun way to drive people toward these lovely homes, you can use stellar signs, banners, and flags for homebuilders. 

Whether you’re a homebuilder or want massive, directional signage for a different industry, you can choose from the various options below. Have these large format signs and banners designed, printed, and installed for an affordable price!

  • Billboard signs
  • V-signs
  • Community directional signage
  • Amenity signs
  • Flag poles
  • Lot signs
  • Vinyl and mesh banners
  • Cut vinyl lettering
  • Custom contour cutting
  • Neighbourhood mail campaigns

Construction Hoarding and Large Job Site Signage

Construction hoarding and large job site signs are specific because they’re typically temporary. Even though these signs will only have a home temporarily, they can make a huge impact. Why waste massive empty public spaces when they’re an ideal advertising opportunity? 

Whether you’re involved with the job site or not, posting signs along these construction sites will grab people’s attention, bringing awareness to your business and making the space a little more attractive to the public. 

Don’t let a perfect marketing opportunity pass you by, as job sites don’t last forever (even though sometimes it feels like they do). Check out the possibilities for large format printing you can place on a job site or construction hoarding area:

  • Fence banners and wraps
  • Large format site signs
  • Hoarding signage
  • Dimensional lettering
  • Adhesive vinyl, alupanel, and crezon signs
  • Vinyl and mesh banners
  • Construction hoarding graphics
  • Aluminum composite panels
  • Real estate and leasing signage

Printed Graphics for Walls, Windows, and Floors

Wayfinding signage and environmental graphics are an exciting and innovative way to grab people’s attention and communicate with them. Whether advertising or trying to inform someone of a special event, a printed graphic for walls, windows, floors, and other surfaces is engaging and creative. 

From creating car wraps to tents to advertising on carpets or even the sidewalk, Carbon Graphics Group can turn nearly any material into a beautiful piece of signage! 

Check out some of the wide range of options for wayfinding signage and environmental graphics:

  • Wall graphics
  • Floor graphics
  • Carpet graphics
  • Acrylic mounted prints
  • Elevator graphics
  • Reception signs
  • Meeting room and office name plates
  • Perforated vinyl for window graphics
  • Sidewalk and exterior wall graphics
  • Point of Purchase (POP display)
  • Life-size cutouts
  • Seasonal display changes
  • Pull-up banners
  • Lightweight pop-up displays
Custom Cut Brushed Metal Reception Sign

Average Cost of Business Signage Printing

The cost of sign printing for your business can vary widely. You can pay less than a hundred dollars for more basic printed signs or tens of thousands of dollars for electronic signs with optimized designs and high quality materials. 

The average price business owners pay for signage is between $1,000 and $3,000. 

With Carbon Graphics Group, you can have the best of both worlds: affordability and quality. We work closely with you to execute your vision without breaking the bank, combining cost-effective materials and strategies with impeccable designs. 

Should I Invest in Signage Printing For My Business?

Every business can benefit from commercial printing, whether a massive construction company or a small craft business. 

Sign printing services are affordable and produce stunning results, helping draw new customers to your business and increasing brand awareness!

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